February 8 - 10, 2019 Scottsdale, Arizona Hosted at
Official Genre Film Block Theme Film Title Country of Filming Directors Drama Challenging Times [a-live] - from a true story Italy Alice ROTIROTI Drama Challenging Times All I Can See United States Margaux Fazio, Alexandra Nydegger Drama Challenging Times Driving For You United States Jingyi Liu Drama Challenging Times Hush-a-Bye Trinidad and Tobago Taromi Lourdes Joseph Drama Challenging Times My Three Little Friends United States Sarah Wax Drama Challenging Times The Runner United States Joel Alvarado Comedy Comedy 1 Scary Lucy  United States Marteene Diaz Comedy Comedy 1 The HOA United States Vienna Hayden Comedy Comedy 1 Working Title United States Stephanie O'Brien Comedy Comedy 2 Apricot Australia Lara Del Arte Comedy Comedy 2 Bog United Kingdom Jodie Brown Comedy Comedy 2 Cafe Abundance United States Emily A McGregor Comedy Comedy 2 Ready to Go Isle of Man lynda reiss Comedy Comedy 2 Unnatural Selection France Geneviève Delouche Documentary Documentary 1 Dominguez vs Dominguez United States Tracey Anarella Documentary Documentary 1 Fate of the Mustang United States Hyatt Mamoun Documentary Documentary 1 Magne Norway Silvia Schmidt Documentary Documentary 1 The Girl with One Eyelash Australia Melisa Visca, Heidi Ylä-Ajos Documentary Documentary 1 Who Is This Women's Day For? India Monalisa Mukherji Documentary Documentary 2 $30 To Antarctica Antarctica, Hong Kong Joey Chu Documentary Documentary 2 BackBurner Dreams United States Brenda Hayes Documentary Documentary 2 Healing Horses United States Armina Dinescu Documentary Documentary 3 « a land shaped by women » Iceland Anne-Flore Marxer  Documentary Documentary 3 Footprints South Africa Sarah Duff Documentary Documentary 3 Girl of my dreams Canada Kari Townsend Documentary Documentary 3 The Millennial Disruption  United States Somi Arian Suspense Dominating Forces L.N. Pane, P.I.  United States Laurie Fagen Suspense Dominating Forces MISTAKE Yunhe Zhang Drama Dominating Forces RISK United Kingdom Luke Bradford Drama Dominating Forces Sweetheart Canada Martha McGrath Drama Dominating Forces The Grounded Astronaut  United States Monimar Mancillas Animation Experimental Belief Dictates Outcome United States Grace Villaroman Documentary Experimental My Neighborhood United States Annette Daniels Taylor Experimental Experimental Rota Fortunae United States Ryan Glauser Suspense Feature Film 3X United States Leigh Takata Drama Feature Film Jane Doe United States Jane Fendelman Documentary Feature Film Livingston Taylor - Life Is Good United States Tracey Anarella Documentary Feature Film Lovers of the Night Ireland Anna Frances Ewert Suspense Feature Film Pale Trees United States Tim Ashby Documentary Feature Film RIVER TO RIVER  Argentina, France Isabel Marcenaro Documentary Feature Film Saint Mary's Black Sheep Croatia Visnja Skorin , Kristina Boticeli Horror Feature Film Soulless United States Tony Severe Comedy Feature Film The Holy Fail Ireland Owen Dara Drama Feature Film Truth United States Eric Paul Erickson Drama Film Festival Opener Stronger By This United States Ann Cabano Drama Historical The Riveters Canada Kate Felix Thriller Historical The True History of Billie the Kid Australia Leticia Caceres Horror Horror Bloom United States Aniwat Pluemjit Horror Horror paralysis United States Melissa De Leon Youth Made in Her Image  (Youth Filmmakers) A True Friend Team United States Youth Made in Her Image  (Youth Filmmakers) Dance For Yourself  United States Youth Made in Her Image  (Youth Filmmakers) Keep the Earth Clean  United States Youth Made in Her Image  (Youth Filmmakers) Normal  United States Youth Made in Her Image  (Youth Filmmakers) Third Stone  United States Documentary Music I`m a Creative Animal - Singer and Conductor Barbara Hannigan Switzerland, Virgin Islands, U.S. Barbara Seiler Music Video Music Skjemt Blod United States Gwenmarie White Drama Relationships De Vlakte (Clearing) Belgium Margo Mot Drama Relationships Dillon United States Michael Camp Drama Relationships June In January United States Athena Wheaton Drama Relationships Scattered Canada Ellie Harvie Drama Relationships Staples and Paper Hearts United States Julia Elihu Drama Relationships Take My Hand United States Lauren Gullion Romance Relationships Tender Matches United States Cassandra Nicholson Comedy Relationships The Perfect Fit United States Emory Parker Sci-Fi Sci-Fi DPop United States Diana Stoneberg Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Poof United States Madeline Zinn Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Star Wars: Dresca United States Jessica Champneys Sci-Fi Sci-Fi The Hereafter United States Paul-Anthony Navarro Drama Spiraling 1 Blue Ribbons United States Silvy Guekguezian Drama Spiraling 1 Otro Lado United States Rob Walker Romance Spiraling 1 The Middle United States alexandria rose rizik Drama Spiraling 2 A Diagnosis United States Gary Taylor Drama Spiraling 2 Control United States Aabriti Shrestha, Sophia Schelle Drama Spiraling 2 Escala United States Assem Yedgey Drama Spiraling 2 Julia Brazil Natália Piva Chim Drama Spiraling 2 You, Me & Gasoline  United States Jenna A. Rice Drama Super Natural ELIXIR United States Virginia Powers Hendry Comedy The Hot Mess Express  The Hot Mess Express  United States Jennifer Hathaway , Linzy Cox Drama Voices Heard "Like Breathing" United States Laurie Fagen Drama Voices Heard "Time's Up: She Said, He Heard" United States Laurie Fagen Drama Voices Heard Invisible  United States Dineta Williams-Trigg Drama Voices Heard Sam United States Joy Ludwig Sci-Fi Web Series 2 Couch Potato Chronicles Season 2 United States Annique Arredondo Comedy Web Series 2 How Me Parent Good: And You Can Too! Australia Jenny Wynter Comedy Web Series 2 Mothers' way France Shannon Renaudeau Comedy Web Series 2 Out of State, Out of Mind United States Hillary Bosarge Comedy Web Series 2 Scratch This United States Jody Lauren Miller Animation Web Series 2 Tales From Pussy Willow - Parents Chat United Kingdom Kate Jessop Comedy Web Series 2 The Parent Council Canada Naddine Madell-Morgan
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